Professional Courseware

Courseware built by instructors for instructors

Whether you need courseware for delivering a high-quality course to your customers or you simply need a self-teaching tutorial, you will find the best courseware for Crystal Reports here. We pride ourselves in the quality of this content developed over the past eleven years, with contributions made by dozens of experienced Crystal Reports instructors. We offer courses for Crystal Reports versions 5 through 2008 and Business Objects Enterprise versions 9, 10 and XI.

Student Guides

Our student guides are examples of what an instructor-led training manual should be. All of our manuals contain in-depth explanations, complete step-by-step classroom examples and end of lesson challenge exercises designed to reinforce the learning process. The student guides are designed to give new, and even experienced users, the tools needed to begin building production level reports.

Instructor Guides

Our instructor guides are designed to help an instructor make the most of the course material. Each lesson contains special notes, tips and warnings for the instructor. Additional information such as the amount of time a lesson will take, techniques to employ when students are more advanced or less advanced and special areas where problems may occur are specifically pointed out within the appropriate section. Each instructor guide mirrors the student guide in content and page counts.